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At IBF Investigations we provide missing persons investigations in Adelaide. Contact us at 0400 398 838 - (24/7) or fill up our online contact form and we will be glad to be of help.

 Missing Persons In-Depth Investigations

With more than 99% success in finding missing persons in Australia, we give results and not just hopes to our clients.
Whether it's the loved one who went missing or some borrower who you haven't heard from for a long time, hire our private investigator to find missing persons in Adelaide and Australia-wide.
We will need a few details about the missing person in order to commence our investigation. Even if you don't have adequate information, we can start with as little as first name or a picture.
Through 15 years of experience and industry connections, our fully trained detective can locate lost children, a distant relative or any missing person who is hard to find. We are committed to our job and put unswerving efforts to find the missing person or at least give you a satisfactory closure.
IBF Investigations is a licensed agency that works within the legal framework and has exclusive access to police and government records, which pull out all the stops when it comes to finding missing persons in Adelaide and Australia-wide.
If any relative or borrower goes missing, get in touch with us today, furnish some details and have them located within a reasonable time-frame.
You may reach us via phone and email.