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Do you want to hire a private investigator in Australia? Concerned about the high costs? Don’t worry, IBF Investigations are here with desirable rates. Contact now!

Private Investigator Hiring Cost in Australia

With IBF Investigations, hiring a private investigator in Australia doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We have a fairly reasonable price structure which is a no match for the peace of mind that we deliver.

Hire our private investigator to catch a cheating spouse or gather proofs to win that important court case. We also work for law firms and investigate unsolved cases to facilitate justice wherever it is due. More importantly, whatever we do is ethical and complies with the legal framework.

We are excellent at what we do, and our successful case studies attest to the fact that our approach works for our clients. We gather information and proofs that can protect you and your property. Our work is first-class and you can fully rely on our evidence-based reports.

Being a licensed and well-established private investigation agency in South Australia, we handle cases of all kinds and complexities. And we are ready to travel to any part of Australia should the job demands.

A private investigator costs you as much as you'd be happy to pay. IBF Investigations will sit down with you to understand your concerns and everything else that could potentially help your case.

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